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The iDAM system consists of a Data Center combined with a network of smart, IP-ready Seismic Stations. These high performance and compact accelerographs leverage the latest technology to deliver maximum flexibility and scalability. They can be operated as standalone free field stations or as a network of several stations that are linked via wireless technology for common trigger. They can be configured as real-time or event triggered systems. The data center is a real-time data acquisition system that provides information to an operator in real-time or on demand. The basic iDAM System consists of: Four 3-channel accelerographs:

• Dam foundation

• Crest

• Abutment

• Free field station

Data center for real-time monitoring


• Command & Control of seismic stations

• Real-Time FFT

• Earthquake Location

• Alarm System Notification

• Automatic Processing for Reporting


• Policy Makers—Improve safety mandates

• Owners—Save Money by reducing downtime

• Facility Managers—Better manage decisions and save life and property

• Nearby residents—Increase confidence in safety

• Operators—Receive immediate status on Dam safety and functionality

• Engineers—Receive immediate status on network condition